Aik Raat Ki Baat by Sadia Ghazal free download pdf


Aik Raat Ki Baat by Sadia Ghazal

Free Download Urdu Novel Aik Raat Ki Baat by Sadia Ghazal pdf

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Aik Raat Ki Baat a great novel written by Sadia Ghazal. In this novel there is emotion of strong affection and personal attachment.A virtue representing all of human kindness, compassion, and affection.This is a Social Romantic Novel, Beautifully Love Story, Love in first sight, teen-age love affairs, overwhelming feelings emotions and desires, Strong feelings of lovers, first love hurts and cause pain, love changes life, epic love story, in this novel we found about love and love.

Aik Raat Ki Baat is a Social Romantic Novel beautifully written by Sadia Ghazal. Its a love story of first sight love of teen-age and their inner most overwhelming feelings and emotions. The first love that usually comes with so strong feelings and hurts so much and cause pain. The same thing happened with Afnan and Almas. How a small incident altered their lives and everything got changed afterthat.


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