Darr Digest September 2015 Free Download PDF

Darr Digest September 2015
Darr Digest September 2015

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Darr Digest September 2015

Darr Digest September 2015 Free Download PDF

Darr Digest September 2015 Free Download PDF, Read Online Darr Digest September 2015 High Quality Full HD, Latest Horror Magazine Darr Digest only on aiourdubooks.com. This magazine presents a collection of suspense, thriller and horror stories in Urdu language. New edition of Darr Digest contains following articles:

Managing Editor: Khalid Ali

Chief Editor: Asif Hussain

Editor: Shahid Ali

Sub Editor: Muhammad Zeeshan

This magazine can be bought / subscribed annually for Rs.1080/- PKR only. Email ID is Dardigest01@gmail.com

Beautiful Cover Page of Latest Dar Digest September 2015

Darr Digest September 2015 Inside Post
Darr Digest September 2015 Latest Horror Magazine In Urdu PDF

September 2015 Edition of Dar Digest Stories:

  1. Quran Ki Batain by IDARA
  2. Hawai Makhlooq by Shakil Niazi
  3. Roloka by A. Waheed
  4. Mar e Ganj by Tahira Asif
  5. Zinda Sadiyan by M.A Rahat
  6. Darinda by Malik N A Kawish
  7. Andheri Raat by Piya Sahar
  8. Tasveer Ka Qaidi by Rizwan Ali Soomro
  9. Khooni Wardat by Khalil Jabbar
  10. Khatarnak Saiy by Munim Asghar
  11. Maut Ka Naqsha by Mudassar Bukhari
  12. Sainci Hadsa by Ehsan Sahar
  13. Ishq Nagan by M Ilyas
  14. Nag Bhawan by Muhammad Khalid Shahan Lohar
  15. Purhol Sannata by Rashid Nazir Tahir
  16. Qatil Tasveer by Kanwal Muhammad Fiaz
  17. Mujassama by Syeda Atiya Zahra
  18. Asaib by S Imtiaz Ahmed
  19. Qaus o Qazah by IDARA
  20. Angaray by Shahzada Chand Zeb Abbasi

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