Man o Salwa by Umaira Ahmed free download pdf


Man o Salwa by Umaira Ahmed pdf

Free Download Man o Salwa by Umaira Ahmed pdf

من و سلویٰ از عمیرہ احمد

Man o Salwa urdu novel by Umaira Ahmed is really nice to read. Man o Salwa is one of the famous novels authored by the great author named as Umaira Ahmed. I hope you would love to read Man o Salwa an amazing urdu novel authored by Umaira Ahmed and contains really fabulous story. Umaira Ahmed is one of the most famous Urdu novel writers from Pakistan and people who understand Urdu language and interested in novel reading love to read his novels. Man o Salwa is a social romantic urdu novel. It touches the innocent feelings and hearts very deeply. Nice to read this great novel in urdu pdf. You may download this novel for offline reading also.

Basic topic and theme of Man o Salwa is earning “Halal Money”. Man o Salwa was provided to “Bani Israel” as gift of Allah. Man was a sweet beans or small particles like thing which use to fell from sky like due drops. Salwa was like bird “Batair” which came in numbers to their area and they caught it as their food. “Bani Israel” used to eat this food for forty years. After that they started asking “Hazra Moosa A.S”for worldly food. After reading about “Man o Salwa” I thought that there is a resemblance between “Man o Salwa” and “Halal Rizq”. Both of them are very easy to gain. It was difficult for “Bani Israel” to live on “Man o Salwa” as so is the case for us with “Halal Rizq”. They used to make fun of “Man o Salwa” and we use to make fun of “Halal Rizq”. We want short cut. They are cursed by Allah and why not we. This similarity between them and us is saddening as well heart rendering. I have little knowledge about the topic and this is my own opinion which can be wrong. “Man o Salwa” is not an Islamic book or scholarly fiction – Umaira Ahmed.

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Aik aur shahkar Urdu Novel “Kis Jahan Ka Zar Liya jisay Umaira Ahmed nay bohat his arq rezi se likhay he bhi is free online library main available hay. Download karain ya online reading karain aur hamain apni qeemti ara se zaroor agah karain thanks a lot.

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