Amar Bail by Umaira Ahmed free download pdf


Amar Bail by Umaira Ahmed

Free Download Amar Bail by Umaira Ahmed (Umera Ahmad) pdf

Also called as Amarbail.

امر بیل از عمیرہ احمد

Amar Bail Urdu novel by Umaira Ahmed is really nice to read. Amar Bail is one of the famous novels authored by the great author named as Umaira Ahmed. I hope you would love to read Amar Bail an amazing Urdu novel authored by Umaira Ahmed and contains really fabulous story. Umaira Ahmed is one of the most famous Urdu novel writers from Pakistan and people who understand Urdu language and interested in novel reading love to read his novels. Amar Bail is a social romantic Urdu novel. It touches the innocent feelings and hearts very deeply. Nice to read this great novel in Urdu pdf. You may direct download this novel for offline reading also.

Amar Bail is one of the best novels written by Umaira Ahmed. This is a lengthy novel having almost 600 pages and this novel also has 56 chapters. So all in all an amazing urdu novel.

Umaira Ahmed novels in Urdu language are considered as best one. Many TV serials have been made on her novels. You may share your thoughts about this book and as well as any book from this free online libraryAll In One Urdu Books“. You feedback and comments are helpful and we highly appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

Umaira Ahmed ka aik aur shahkar urdu novel “Zindagi Gulzar Hay” jisay unhon nay bari maharat se likha hay woh is online free library mein maujood hay. Meray Khiyal mein ap us ko bhi zaroor pasand karain gay.

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Amarbail Introduction:

Amarbail by Umaira Ahmad is a love story of Umar Jehangir and Aleezay Sikandar, set-up in the backdrop of Pakistani bureaucratic culture. A very simply written novel of Umaira Ahmed, deals with multiple issues of our society in a very intriguing manner. It is a story of imbalanced relationships, broken families, lust for power, complexes, insecurities and amidst all problems of love, its intensity and sacrifices. It depicts the true face of our bureaucratic system, highlighting social evils like corruption, nepotism and injustice and how at times going against the law is the only way to punish the culprits. The novel touches your heart by its brilliant portrayal of human emotions and psychology. It revolves around Umer Jehangir and Aleezay Sikandar. Two people both from broken bureaucrat families. Aleezay Sikandar who had her complexes, her desire in life to be loved and taken care of and Umar Jehangir, a character with multiple shades. What makes Umer intriguing and fascinating are the imperfections in him, a character that is very realistic but never sketched before, a mixture of good and evil, far from the usual perfect hero; normally depicted in our novels. On the surface he was a selfish and corrupt man, but deep inside he had a caring and sensitive heart, who longed for his mother’s love, cared for his friends and was totally aware of his own weaknesses and that awareness of himself is what made him sacrifice his love. In short he is a character one cannot resist falling in love with despite all his weaknesses. We hope, Umaira’s fans will find this book interesting and good addition to

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