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Man Chalay Ka Sauda

Man Chalay Ka Sauda by Ashfaq Ahmed

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من چلے کا سودا از اشفاق احمد

Man Chalay Ka Sauda is written by Ashfaq Ahmed. I have provided it for the benefit of all world. The language of  this afsana is very lucid and clearMan Chalay Ka Sauda by Ashfaq Ahmad  is very easy to understand. Vocabulary used in this free Urdu Afsana is common and familiar to everyone. You will get involved in the messages delivered through Man Chalay Ka Sauda by Ashfaq Ahmed. You get really great knowledge and information through this afsana by Ashfaq Ahmad. You would love to read Man Chalay Ka Sauda by Ashfaq Ahmed. Read online Man Chalay Ka Sauda by Ashfaq Ahmed will really catch your heart and soul. You will not be able to put this afsana book by Ashfaq Ahmad aside before reading till the end. You may download it for offline reading but you must buy the original hard copy which better one. In this way writer and publisher would get their due benefit. This free urdu afsana is one of the best urdu afsana written by Ashfaq Ahmad.

Ashfaq Ahmad books in Urdu language are considered as best one. You may share your thoughts about this book and as well as any book from this free online libraryAll In One Urdu Books“. You feedback and comments are helpful and we highly appreciate it. Thanks a lot.

Aik aur urdu book “Talash” jisay Mumtaz Mufti ne likha hay woh bhi is library main maujood hay. Meray Khiyal mein ap us ko bhi zaroor pasand karain gay.

Introduction Of The Book:

Ashfaq Ahmad is the author of the book Man Chalay Ka Sauda. Ashfaq Ahmad is a great writer of Urdu and Punjabi. He wrote many plays and short stories for Pakistan radio and television. The book Man Chalay Ka Sauda dramatised and presented on Ptv. Ashfaq Ahmad is the friend of Qudrat Ullah Shahab and Mumtaz Mufti. They three are Sufi writers. Bano Qudsia, a famous Urdu writer, is the classmate of Ashfaq Ahmad and later they marry each other.

Man Chalay Ka Soda is a very entertaining story of Ashfaq Ahmad. In this story, he says when a man searches about nature he wondered the world. He met with intellectuals, philosophers, and scholars of religions. He wants to end his doubts about the existence of God. Man wanted to do Man Chalay Ka Sauda. I hope you like this book and share with friends.

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